Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snow Land Online At Video Game Tourism

In the spirit of the holiday season, Video Game Tourism is running an article I wrote about how winter is represented in virtual worlds and video games. The recent show at the Getty Center, Japan's Modern Divide, got me thinking about how inclement weather can be massively defining for the survival, architecture and culture of those that inhabit these snow lands (including when I lived in Minnesota). One of my favorite winter break activities is to run around exploring snowy zones in MMO's. Yet, this article came out of realizing that the full experience, both of darkness and warmth, that comes with struggling to inhabit any Snow Land seems to be missing in modern games. Enjoy!

PS: If you want to see the photo book, Yukiguni, that I'm talking about in the article without having to pay $400 for even the '70s reprint, there's a video that shows someone flipping through it on Vimeo