Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Reverie

Summer's are usually a time when I catch up on reading late in to the humid nights and spend countless hours jotting notes in my sketchbook at coffee shops (or, let's be more honest, bars) and go to music & art shows. That said, this summer has been relentlessly busy for me, as you might have noticed from the lack of blog posts. This whole year has been crazy for me as an artist, having five shows that recently capped in a performance night with CULA at the Hammer Museum that included a massive installation with video projection. I also screwed up my hand, which has kept me off the computer for any non-work reasons for the past month.

I guess all of these are just excuses for the lack of updates, but I've also got a few new interesting projects in for the future: First, the site Video Game Tourism has asked me to do a monthly column on the intersection of video games and art. Second, I've been totally reworking my web site to have tons more of my art. Additionally, I've been reassessing some of my larger projects and will be embarking on an elaborate self-publishing project that will be producing lots of cool limited edition book projects. I'm not sure how this blog, (my Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.) will end up fitting in to my new endeavors, but I will assuredly be rambling and posting art here still!

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