Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 21 - Creative Underground Los Angeles Residency Night #1

Hi all! Sorry I've been a bit delayed in posting the final section of my photo sequencing series, but I've been asked to be in a couple of very cool shows. The first is coming up this weekend at the inimitable Blue Whale in Los Angeles's Little Tokyo. The Blue Whale is one of the forefront venues in the country for creative improvised music so the night will feature sets by Vinny Giola's Music For Strings, Woodwinds & Piano Ensemble, Gnarwallaby and The Guthrie Project.

The night will also feature a new show of my photographs called "My Ex-Girlfriend's Failed Origami." I'll also be debuting a new video piece called "Walk/Fold" which chronicles my rambling walks through Little Tokyo. Fellow LA artist Artist Alcuin Gersh will also be debuting three new instrument/sculptures that explore the relationships between physiology and personal history.  Doors at 8:30PM, $10 cover.

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