Friday, August 31, 2012

First Annual Los Angeles Fried Chicken Festival Photo Essay

I just wanted to post up a small photo essay about the First Annual Los Angeles Fried Chicken Festival. Callie jumped at the chance to get tickets, and we had a really interesting time milling about the giant out-of-business Japanese restaurant that was the venue. A few of our favorite chefs were there (Jazz from Jitlada, Josef from Baco Mercat, Bryant Ng from Space Table, and Ricardo from Mo Chica) and almost every preparation was stunning. Even though the chicken was the star, and even though I was very nearly ready to explode from eating [and drinking rye whiskey] I wanted to capture a series of images that gave a sense of the ambiance of the event. My next post will be a rundown of the eight on the menagerie of poultry and will include plenty of photos of the food as well as color commentary by the two of us. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Virtual Light & Video Game Tourism

Hi! I just wanted to direct your attention to the blog Video Game Tourism. Their editor, Rainer, has graciously given me the great opportunity to pen an essay there — Titled "Virtual Light" I try to delves in to the history of photography in an attempt to help highlight some of the modes of making virtual photographs in video games. In-Game Photography is a contentious issue, but many of the battles and concerns seem to have been foreshadowed by the early days of chemical photography. Check it out at

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hi everyone! I've been busy traveling and paying the bills so I haven't gotten a chance to update the blog in a while. I have a major follow up article planned that will expand my recent post about Chef's knives. The article will feature many of the lessons I've learned from the repository of knowledge from the couple that runs Japanese Knife Imports.

I've also spent that last couple weeks penning a major essay about the complex genres that might bloom from the intersection of photography and video games for another blog, which I'll link here next week once it goes live.

One of my major projects for the summer is finished: I've been itching to get an in-progress portfolios for my Romance & Structure projects online so that everyone can see where it is headed. Set at Rennaisance Faires in America, these are the two related bodies of work that explore the difficulties that photography encounters when trying to examine the complex forces buffeting the intersecting point of social geography, deliberate anachronism and the omnipresent traces of human work.

"Structure" is a series that peers intently, almost trance-like, at the surfaces and forms of the temporary architecture which makes up the Ren Faire towns for the two months they exist every year.

"Romance" is a series of threaded panoramas which strive to reconcile the crowds, who both intentionally and accidentally act out their own variant of history paintings, with the the tiny tableaus of details performing their minuets of history in every surface and cranny of the Faire.

I'm looking forward to posting up some great new content as the summer winds down (maybe even a photo essay from the Los Angeles Fried Chicken Festival if I get ambitious?)