Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wasted Days Mix

Earlier this summer everyone was hanging out at Cana celebrating Callie's birthday by drinking copious amounts of rum punch. The conversation drifted to music (as it tends to when I'm around) and one of our friends, Jenny, mentioned with general agreement that she missed my old mix tapes from back before I was in to metal. That comment stuck with me for two reason: 

First, I totally understand that no matter how much I would try, no matter how great the music might be, I would never be able to convince someone who is not an initiate to like death metal, funeral doom nor black metal (or free jazz for that matter). 

Second, I was a bit shocked because I hardly listen exclusively to metal. Yes your most likely to catch me at Behemoth or Winter or whatever, but my previous mix was a jazz mix. The one before that was an DJ mix of electronic music. Before that, sure "Shadowside"  went crazy noisy and metal for the last half, but apparently those tracks were so abusive that no one even noticed the first 50% of the mix was all indie, jazz and rap. (Also, there might have been a funny/frightening incident with Callie and her mom involving accidentally setting the mix on randomize.) 

While these mix-related thoughts fermented in my brain, I ended up drinking tons of beer, wrecking my hearing and getting sunburnt all weekend at the inimitable FYF Fest in Los Angeles. So many amazing bands played, but I was struck by a number of acts I had heard but hadn't paid enough attention to: Bands like HEALTH, Cloud Nothings and Purity Ring made me immediately go back and check out their albums. While other bands that I already loved reminded me why I love them: Atals Sound, Nicolas Jaar and Aesop Rock (even though he could have stolen a page from the hipster book and worn sunglasses so that he wasn't completely blinded the whole show). 

Inspired by the amazing weekend of music I decided to try to make a mix that duplicated the generally cool but inclusive vibe of the festival. This is a mix for the dusty, sweltering first days of late fall. This is a mix that everyone out there who likes cool music and wants to find a few new bands to expand their musical taste. This is a mix that is pretty much free of metal and hardcore, but if you don't like it because it's too indie or poppy, screw you, I'm playing Anata as I write so you haters can go back to listening to your trendy grindcore crap.  

"Song" — Artist — Album
1) In Medias Res — Los Campesinos! — "Romance Is Boring" (Thanks Ross!)
2) Party Talk — Craft Spells — Idle Labor
3) Belong — "The Pains of Being Pure at Heart" — Belong
4) What Whorse You Wrote Id On — Owls — Owls (I have no idea how I missed this album for like 10 years — it's the only thing older than a couple of years on here)
5) 'sus Envy — Myty Konkeror — I Miss The Future.
6) Solitary Traveler — Torche — Harmonicraft
7) Shugo Tokumaru — Lovely Allen — Vicious Circles Vol. 1
8) In Citrus Heights — Tera Melos — Patagonian Rats (I'm breaking a rule by including this on more than one mix, but holy crap this album keeps blowing my mind more and more as I listen to it.)
9) Recent Bedroom — Atlas Sound — Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But… (The most recent album is even better!)
10) Broken Pieces — Siamese Twins — Demo [Cassette]
11) Saltkin — Purity Ring — Shrines (Go see this band live!!!)
12) Peso — A$AP Rocky — LiveLoveA$AP Mixtape
13) Snakes & Ladders — Snowman — Absence
14) Cycles To Gehenna — Aesop Rock — Skelethon (the best album he's done since Labor Days even if his show at FYF wasn't as brilliant.)
15) Die Slow — HEALTH — Get Color (Touring right now with Crystal Castles — go see them.)
16) Wasted Days — Cloud Nothings (This one gets a bit crazy, but damn is it a perfect track for the last days of summer.)
17) Variations — Nicolas Jaar — Space Is Only Noise 

Seventeen tracks in just a bit over an hour — Let me know what you dig on and what inspires you! As always, if you like anything, for sure go buy the album, go see the band live and/or buy some merch to support these amazing artists. 

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