Friday, August 31, 2012

First Annual Los Angeles Fried Chicken Festival Photo Essay

I just wanted to post up a small photo essay about the First Annual Los Angeles Fried Chicken Festival. Callie jumped at the chance to get tickets, and we had a really interesting time milling about the giant out-of-business Japanese restaurant that was the venue. A few of our favorite chefs were there (Jazz from Jitlada, Josef from Baco Mercat, Bryant Ng from Space Table, and Ricardo from Mo Chica) and almost every preparation was stunning. Even though the chicken was the star, and even though I was very nearly ready to explode from eating [and drinking rye whiskey] I wanted to capture a series of images that gave a sense of the ambiance of the event. My next post will be a rundown of the eight on the menagerie of poultry and will include plenty of photos of the food as well as color commentary by the two of us. 

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