Friday, July 6, 2012

Six Months Of Pretension And Angst

From what the internet tells me, every serious music critic, music blogger, music site, and music troll is currently in a tizzy writing and complaining about "Best Of The Mid-Year" lists. 

I didn't even know the cycle for making music lists had been moved to every six months — I guess there are too many recipes on this blog for anyone to have thought I was cool enough to send me that memo. 

But being as susceptible to peer pressure as I am (being as I am so terribly lonely and stupendously unloved; and there are wolves after me) I decided to make a list too. Lo and behold, here are my picks for some notable releases in the last six months. Also this picture of me:

Yes, I am probably judging your
musical taste right now.

Best Genre Bending Metal Album Seen Through A Tinge Of Literary Southern Gothic That You're Going See In Many Many Top 10 Lists In Another Six Months: 
Horseback — "Half Blood"

Best Intricate, Exciting Jazz Album For The Initiated Or The Boldly Adventurous That Had A Waiting Line Like A Hollywood Club At The Record Release: 
Tim Berne — "Snakeoil"

Best Slowly Echoing Rock Album To Listen To At 3AM When You're Still Drunk On Cheap Whiskey And Wondering Where Your Life Went Wrong: 
Zelienople — "The World Is A House On Fire"

Best Black Metal Album That Is Probably Just A Hint To "Post-" (And Too Well Recorded) For Traditionalists But Not "Out-There" Enough For Expirimentalists: 
The Great Old Ones - "Al Azif"

Best Dark, Massive, Seriously Blackened Soundscape Album That Was Released At The Beginning Of The Year So People Have Already Forgotten About it: 
Sutekh Hexen - "Larvae"

Best Melodic Funeral Doom Everyone Else Is Shitting Themselves Over, Which I Like But I've Only Listened But Once (It Reminds Me Of 40 Watt Sun): 
Pallbearer — "Sorrow And Extinction" 

Best Explosive Dark-Tinged Electro-Doom Album That Could Very Well Be A Sleeper Crossover Success In The Indie World: 
Pinkish Black — "Pinkish Black"

Best Enchanted Soundscape Album That Shows A True Collaboration Can Produce Even Better Pieces Than Either Band Could Individually: 
Locrian & Mamiffer — "Bless Them That Curse You"

Most Charming Sunday Morning With A Cup Of Coffee Music That Actually Has Great Substance: 
Janel & Anthony — "Where Is Home"

Best Pretentious, But Soooo Damn Cool Hazy-French Bedroom Experimental Electronic Album:
Berangere Maximin - "No One Is An Island"

Best Slightly Over-Produced Crazy-Technical Blackened-Death-Something-Or-Other-Genre That I Can't Quite Decided If It's As Good As I Think It Is, But Damn Is It Hard: 
Dodecahedron — "Dodecahedron"

Best Death Metal Album With A Deep Passion For The Social Conscious That Isn't As Good As That One Space-Whales Album (You Know Which One), But Only Barely: 
Gojira — "L'Enfant Sauvage" 

Best Genius Live Drone From An Improv Supergroup Featuring One Of My Favorite Cellists (AKA Music For Those Of You Who Don't Have Girlfriends *AND* Don't LIke Grindcore): 
Anla Courtis, Okkyung Lee, C. Spenser Yeh, Jon Wesseltoft — "Cold/Burn" 

Best Classic Black Metal Reissue That Sounds Shockingly Fresh On Vinyl: 
Blut Aus Nord — "Ultima Thulee"

Best Re-Reissue To Use As A Party Trick When You And Your Friends Get Really Stoned And Stare At It's New Hologram Cover For A Couple Hours: 
Sleep — "Dopesmoker"

Best Follow-Up That May Actually Be Better Than The Breakthrough Black-Metal Meets Joy Division Release That Toped Charts Last Year, And Yet Another Amazing Handmade Birds Release: 
Circle Of Ouroborus — "Lost Entrance Of The Just"

That's it! Have fun (well, "fun" may be the wrong word for most of this music, but you get the idea) and let me know what albums you've all been digging on! 

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