Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Brief Update About My Art

Hi everyone! After finally getting a bit settled in artistically from FotoFest Houston I thought I would take a quick moment to give a rundown of what I've been working on, and far more interestingly, where you can see it out in that magic, troll- and typo- filled fantasy world of the internet:

First off, my newest venture is my Tumblr, "Romance" which is a in-progress blog of my newest project. I've been photographing for most of the spring at renaissance faires creating a series of panoramas as well as black & white works. The project looks at the massive amount of work that goes in to the temporary architecture which gives the faires their feel, as well as the swirling interaction of the participants. Follow me there to watch what happens as I proof and sequence the project!

Also,  my "Flaneur" project is being represented online by the Santa Fe, New Mexico based Unit D Gallery. They have a bunch of new work from that project as well as a stable of many amazing other photographers that are well worth your time to explore.

My twitter, @eronrauch, is becoming the best way to keep up with the latest news and projects I have going on.

If you haven't stopped by in a while, drop in — many of the portfolios have new images. The site will be undergoing a massive redesign this summer, so expect some fun changes there, including a full look at the Flaneur and Arcana projects and revised in-progress portfolio of the hentai origami from Japonisme.

If you haven't looked at the project called "Eternal Garden," drop in and take a glance. It's a project that works from an almost uncomfortably close perspective at the human toll of subcultural fashion (as well as art photography), I'm working on a series of Blurb books. The first one will be this project, and it will be [suspiciously] close to Araki's famous "Sentimental Journey."

If you want to be a stalker and/or put up with the full range of my rants and complaints and half-witty comments (as well as lots of music and art) friend me on Facebook — I, amazingly enough, go by "Eron Rauch"!

As always, Curio will be the home to a totally mixed and chaotic array of recipes, mix tapes, rants about music & video games, as well as whatever else doesn't fit anywhere more formal!

Thanks so much for being interested and involved in my projects — always feel free to let me know what cool artistic endeavors you are all working on as well!

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