Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Falling Star, Fallen Angels" Mix by DJ Harmless

After some encouragement from my friends I have made a DJ mix to celebrate being retired from spinning records for a decade. My old DJ name was DJ Harmless and I mostly spun parties and clubs around Chicago and Minneapolis from ages 17-21. Mostly spun lots of bad trance at first, but a couple of friends I made in the scene got me interested in jazzy house and more sophisticated techno (and even some drum and bass) — Jose and Shannon, wherever you are, you gave me good taste in dance music. From there, I got burnt out and stop playing the club and party scene pretty quickly, being more of an introvert focused on loving the music (specially the IDM scene), and finally quit all together during art undergrad for photography, selling my tables and records when money was in direly short supply. Not having to worry pleasing anyone elseThis mix grabs lots of diverse, dark, glitchy, sub-pounding elements to titillate both your mind and groove. It was a fun experience learning the new software-based mixing methods, since I only ever spun on vinyl, and I want to say thanks to Callie, for bringing the idea of doing a new mix up at Royksopp concert, and for Mixmaster Massey and DJ Softcore for constantly encouraging/harassing me over beers to make a comeback and though out a new mix.

You can download an mp3 of the mix, "Falling Stars, Fallen Angels," here.

Or, I posted it to stream on Mixcloud! Whoo, technology!

Anyway, on a personal note I turned 31 yesterday, and I'm mostly huddled in the studio trying to make as much art as possible (also play lots of AI Wars) while Callie gets better in Maryland. I miss her encouragement and love of life every day! She's doing an amazing job getting better and will be home soon though!

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