Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Resolutions 2011 Pt. 2

So in the previous post I talked about my non-art New Year's resolutions. Now it's time to go to the land of esoterica and wizardsmy art!

Digital Darkroom Blog

I've been writing this as I learn about digital darkroom concerns and I think I finally have it dialed in to the point where I need to finish the drafts I have and publish it to share the knowledge.

Get Poetry Published

I've been compiling a list of places to submit to. I just need to finish copy-editing the ones that are finished and start mailing!

Continue Work on Poetry Book

Two project started to blend together (always a good thing in my mind!) and now I need to finish up the second section. It's interesting that I often go through massive 3-4 year visual work binges which end up being punctuated by about a year of hard work on writing projects...

Look For Gallery

Let's get those portfolios working for me!

Write a Bit of Narrative Work

I've had this unpredictable urge to start writing another novel… Time to start warming up.

Video System For Work

We need to step in to the new reality of digital video at work, so I need to start testing a workflow.

Expand Cocktail Repertoire

Somehow I forgot this in the previous post, but why not post it up anyway, since it is a form of art, or at least that's what the ponderous folks in vests who's hands no longer feel frost say, right?

New Monitor and Calibration System

I was unhappy with my previous calibration system, so I wanted to start exploring replacing it. Another good blog topic? You bet!

Get Selling Art Work Online

Even if this only means setting up a small Etsy shop and posting a few art auctions on eBay for my Santa Monica Blues projects, I would like to begin putting smaller, cheaper 11" x 14" prints online for folks to buy.

Write Reviews of the Shows I See

When I go to a museum or gallery to see a show, I vow to come back and write at least a one paragraph review, if just so I could ruminate on the show further!

Finish AHFB #3 (& #4?)

Keep plugging away on my xerox books! Who knows what will come from this project!

Finish Arcana Portfolio

Finish Anime Convention Documentary Portfolio 

Finish SM Blues Portfolio

Get Japonisme Under Way

Got some great ideas and some good solid work done. Now I just need to order some hentai doujin and make it happen! Also included is to make more and more Little Tokyo photos.

Work on Renn Faires Project

No idea where this project is headed, but I need to start shooting just for my own creativity!

Save Money to Upgrade to Full Frame Camera

Perhaps a multi-year goal, but stepping my up my gear is key (also buying a new prime 24mm and  F4L 24-105). 

Plan my "Hobbits, Heracles and Love" project.

I want to write up a proposal for this future, large, project a well as a budget. 

Blog About Influential Artists

I would like to write a series of articles about artists/projects that have been influential on my work and my thinking! 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Resolutions 2011

2010 Vs. 2011! FIGHTO!!!

It's that time of year again, when I return from a brief sojourn to Chicago, dust off the clinging snow and feel pensive about not accomplishing enough in the previous year! [Insert German-Luthern-upbringing-joke here.] As you all recover from your champagne funeral hangovers from 2010, here are a few the the things that I am going to make an effort to figure out for the coming year!

Part 1, Non-Art Resolutions:

Start Playing Tennis Again

Yes, this pops up again. Will this year finally be the year were I buy a racket, don some short-shorts and hit the court for real? I think so.

Learn to Cook Scallops

Callie's favorite seafood, and something I have never endeavored to learn to cook.

Bake With Callie

Her pies are nearly upstaging my cooking — Blasphemy! I must become one with the natives and steal their pie secrets!

Pay off Credit Cards from Grad School

No one likes to talk about money, but I made good headway on this front in the previous year, so now is the time to get those overhead expenses further down.

Get A Record Player

While I have been good about the last year's resolution, which was to actually sink some cash toward supporting the bands that fuel my imagination by purchasing vinyl, I still don't have a record player. "lol"? Yes.

Pick Up A Few Words of Japanese

I would eventually like to travel to Japan, and I did take some basic college Japanese. Do I remember any of it? Not really. Time to relearn!

Go Hiking Every Other Week

There are so many fantastic hikes around Los Angeles that I really want to make it a goal to get out on the trail and kick some dust up often!

Learn to Make My Own Pasta

Okay, so this is another hold-over from the mayhem of last year. I still really want to do this. I just need one of those pasta machines.

Read More

I have a massive stack of books by my bedside begging to be read and an even more intimidating list on my computer that I would like to get through. First, up volumes 3 & 4 of John Crowley's awe-inspiring Aegypt cycle.

Home Stereo Blog

I've been working on bits and pieces of a draft of a series of blog posts about putting together your first nice home stereo for amateurs and will finish it up in the new year!

Comment on Other Blogs More Often

This one is pretty self explanatory — I just don't comment on the blogs I read enough.

Get An Amazon Associates Account

I mention and link a million things on this blog. I should probably have that set up.

In Part Two, I'll cover my intentions toward my art. Thanks for indulging me!