Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Resolutions 2012

Happy New Year's Eve! In my usual tradition, I just wanted to post up my "reasonable" resolutions. I don't ever plan on finishing all of them, but I try to make this list as a general framework for my art & life in the coming year. These aren't big nor general things, but rather good trail markers so I can judge my progress. Also, I feel like publicly stating my goals helps me stick to them. Without further adieu, here they are:

Pay Off Debts (Car + CC's from grad school shows)
Plan Tokyo Trip
Pick Up a Few Words of Japanese
Learn 4-6 Actual Songs On Bass (i.e. stop noodling!) 
Go Hiking Twice a Month at Least
Learn To Make My Own Pasta
Blog About Art Twice a Month
Finish Old School RPGs I Own (DQ7 etc.)
Buy More Jazz Records (Those contemporary albums always pop up and eat up my budget)
Reread Gene Wolfe's Book of the Short, Long & New Sun
Do Monthly Artist Salons (nothing formal, just get people together for an art talk night)
Portfolios and Statements and Business Cards for FotoFest Houston (mid march)
Get More Art/Photo Books
Get Monitor Calibration Working
Video Converter Dongle for Work
Digital Darkroom Blog
Finish Apartment Homes Fake Book #3 & #4
Finish Full Arcana Portfolio Printing
Finish Printing Anime Portfolio (Small, portfolio-book form)
Finish Flaneur Portfolio Printing
Continue to Explore Different Generative Ways for Writing Poems 
Japonisme Proofs
Do Selects of Travels (digital form)
Do General Artist's Statement/Why/How I make work statement.
Do Specific Artist's Statements (Flaneur --> Arcana --> Bridges --> Travels --> Japonimse --> Eternal World --> AHFB --> Japonisme)
Redo Art Site (maybe not?)
Combine Fantasy Trilogy
Proof Rennfaires 
Shoot Rennfaires This Summer (Try to get backstage Access)
Shoot LA Mornings for Poetry Book
Do Test Print-On-Demand Book for Eternal Garden
Submit 2-4 Poetry magazine a Month
Search for Gallery Shows (2-4 Per Month)  

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