Sunday, December 11, 2011

A New Mix: Shadowside

Callie is safely back in Maryland recovering and as I take a break from packing up our apartment I wanted to share a new mix I put together since she left. I'm not deliberately trying to play the emotional card, but this mix is designed to be an archeology of of the musical journey that I went on through the 40 days where Callie was hospitalized. This mix takes some very strange turns, starting off far more pop-y than usual for me but still very abstract and introspective. Okkyung Lee's "Noisy Love Songs" has been a constantly relevant and engaging album that I've had on constantly — if I had to pick one album to sum up these tough months out of all of these amazing albums, that would be my choice.

Thankfully I don't and from there the mix goes much heavier and darker but with an anthemic and personal vibe. 40 Watt Sun's "Inside Room" is representative and has been on constant repeat in my car lately, being a perfect twist on the usual expectations of thicker sounding metal going deeply lyrical without loosing any of the gut-wrenching heaviness.

After that, well, let's just say my experiences with Callie's accident has done nothing but increase my appetite for [but curiously even more, my understanding of why I gravitate toward] the darkest, hardest, fastest, most howling, challenging and harrowing music around. From track 12 onward, it's listener beware, but turn the mix the hell up and let it rush over you. I spent many nights at 4AM driving back to the apartment blaring these later albums until my ears almost hurt.

Yeah this mix is weird, yeah there are sad moments, yeah it gets really dark, yeah it gets really really brutal, but dammit, this is a mix to celebrate the strange gardens of art in the shadow-side of life.

(both .m3u and .txt export-playlists included this time to make importing easy!)

***Edit 12/30: I just realized that I already used "Old, Dim Light" when I redid my Summer Sirens Mix. Whoops. But to give myself I little slack, this mix was a bit unique anyway, being that it was supposed to represent what I was listening to through the course of Callie's hospitalization. Enjoy it twice, it's a nice track. ***

Artist - "Song" - Album

1) The Black Atlantic - "Old, Dim Light" - Reverence for Fallen Trees
2) Arctic Plateau - "Amethyst to F#" - On a Sad Sunny Day
3) Tame Impala - "It Is Not Meant To Be" - Innerspeaker
4) Quest For Fire - " The Greatest Hits By God" - Lights From Paradise
5) Okkyung lee - "One Hundred Years Old Rain" - Noisy Love Songs
6) Tera Malos - "Frozen Zoo" - Patagonian Rats
7) Shabazz Palaces - "Youlogy" - Black Up
8) SubRosa - "Borrowed Time Borrowed Eyes" - No Help For The Mighty One
9) 40 Watt Sun - "Between Times" - The Inside Rooms
10) Tim Hecker - "In the Fog 1" - Ravedeath, 1972
11) Black Autumn - "The Threefold Life" - Aurora
12) Big Satan - "Property Shark" - Souls Saved Hear
13) Blood Red Throne - "Altered Genesis" - Altered Genesis
14) Miseration - "Dreamdecipher" - The Mirroring Shadow
15) Pig Destroyer - "Terrifyer" - Terrifyer
16) Mamaleek - "You Can Bury Me In The East" - Kurdaitacha
17) Big Satan - "Emportez Moi" - Souls Saved Hear
18) Disma - "Purulent Quest" - Towards The Megalith
19) Svart Crown - "Nahash The Temptator" - Witnessing the Fall
20) Solstafir - "Necrologue" - Kold

I probably won't be posting much until January, but I'd love to know what you think of this mix, or any tack on it. As always, go buy the album in whatever format you prefer if you like it!

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