Monday, October 10, 2011


Hi all! I just wanted to post some photos from the video installation I did with Astronaut Disco Soundsystem at the art and music event ART + SOUL that Nu-Soul magazine threw in downtown L.A. last weekend. My project, the first video art I've done in a while, jumped off from my interest in virtual spaces both real and digital as well as the visual poetics blooming from the cracks and glitches in perception. (Full artist statement at the bottom!)

Full Artist's Statement:
With these video works-in-progress I set out to explore memory and the creative fertility of virtual places, both physical (like Chinatown or Japanese magazine advertisements) or virtual (such as online games like World of Warcraft or Team Fortress 2). My interest is in the systems we each use to mine and use chunks of these pre-planned worlds — How we might not own the spaces, or even the characters we use to explore them, but that those experiences still tangle up inside ourselves, triggering unplanned memories and emotions. Poetry seems to spring forth when we wedge ourselves in to spaces between cues that are forced on us, like Chinese dragons and Medieval architecture.

Once inside the glitch, the halftone dot, the tourist marker, we find a twilight world filled with darkly luminescent landscape formed from massive human effort throbbing along to some new beat that wasn't apparent from the surface. Combining a love of remixing, bedroom recording tactics, glitches, irony, abstraction, meandering walks, incongruities and found fragments, these fascinations also become tools for growing art from the world's increasingly controlled and premeditated places.

Video clips to come soon!

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