Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer Sirens Mix Redone!

I really enjoy making mixes to share the music that really gets me inspired. I also am by no stretch a professional musician, professional music reviewer. Nor am I even that much of a die-hard music nerd that writes zines, reviews and such. The reason I bring this up is that my novice status aside, I am usually quite pleased with my mixes, having spent numerous hours selecting and sequencing the tracks to make them flow together well, highlight the various parts of the music that I want to show, and to capture the mood of the season (and the music that is filling it) accurately. Listening to the "First Sirens of Summer" mix that I made a few months ago I realized I didn't think it lived up to the quality level it should have been. So I spent some time redoing it and the result were more than worthwhile! The new version has way better flow and much wider scope of vision — it starts very dreamy, the haze of the morning burning off. Gets massive like a summer afternoon storm — then crazy WAY hard by the end so you can drink cheap beer and pump your first until the AM. This is the siren calling from depths of the sweaty nights of summer.

Grab it here!

1) "Old, Dim Light" — The Black Atlantic — Reverence for Fallen Trees
2) "Tokyo Wonder Land" — Boris — Attention Please
3) "Blue" — Whirl — Distressor
4) "It's So Easy" — Witchcraft — Witchcraft
5) "Rabbit" — Mr. Gnome — Deliver This Creature
6) "The Siren" — Graveyard — Hisingen Blues
7) "Vampire Circus" — Earthride — Vampire Circus
8) "Deerslayer" — Black Math Horsemen — Wyllt
9) "Grasping Air" — YOB — The Unreal Never Lived
10) "From Their Coffined Slumber" — Hooded Menace — Never Cross the Dead
11) "Eyeballing" — Dam — The Difference Engine
12) "Dreamdecipher" — Miseration — The Mirroring Shadow
13) "Demoralizer" — The Red Chord — Fed Through the Teeth Machine
14) "Ov Fire and the Void" — Behemoth — Evangelion

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