Monday, September 19, 2011

Saturn In Rain: A Cowboy Bebop Inspired Mix

I was jamming some great rare jazz finds while I cooked dinner one night, that kind of impeccably period music with with funky horn hits and electric guitars that was knocked off to accompany all sorts of car chases and kung fu in late-night theaters. Callie looked up from her Kindle and said "You should make a mix of music for Cowboy Bebop fans."  I'm a huge jazz nerd and I love to share great music and while I haven't really watched anime in hyears I have a fun collection of rare and cool music that could litterally have been on mix they sent Yoko Kanno when they asked her to make the music for the show. Until Callie said something it never occurred to me to make this mix even though getting more younger folks listening to jazz is a passion of mine! Simple as that (along with a couple late nights drinking whiskey and bugging the neighbors) "Saturn In Rain" was born. I want to thank the cool cats at inconstant sol and ORGY IN RYTHM for a few of the great rare gems that are featured here.

I'm not going to talk about each track, but nothing on this mix was in the show. Some of it is vintage and a few of the tracks are modern — but let's just take a look at that first song by Toshiko Akiyoshi & Lew Tabackin Big Band (a live performance recorded in 1979), does that opening riff sound familiar? How about that outro? I was howling with laughter the first time I heard that track. One of the other challenges was picking a specific Sun Ra track. Much of his body of work is really challenging, very free and epic work, but I had to include him since he pioneered the whole idea of people in weird costumes making space jazz and singing about traveling planets and interstellar trains over huge big band arrangements. The rest of the stuff, as you'll hopefully hear, should be fun and interesting for both fans of the show and anyone with an interest in retro-funky jazz!

Get the mix here!

("Track Name" — Artist — Album)

1) "Warning! Success May Be Hazardous To Your Health" — Toshiko Akiyoshi & Lew Tabackin Big Band — Stuttgart, December 2nd, 1979
2) "Tom Cat" — Muddy Waters — Electric Mud
3) "Saturn" — Sun Ra — Greatest Hits: Easy Listening for Intergalactic Travel
4) "If Only" — Gustav Brom — Plays For You Pop Jazz & Swing
5) "Attica Blues" — Archie Shepp — Attica Blues
6) "Nostalgia" — Matumoto Hiroshi & Ichikawa Hideo Quartet — Megalopolis
7) "I'm a Fool To Want You" — Donald Byrd — Royal Flush
8) "Saturn In Rain" — Alpha — Stargazing
9) "The Stakeout" — Matthew Shipp — GoodandEvil Sessions
10) "Green Caterpillar" — Masuarau Imada Trio + 2 — Green Caterpillar
11) "Wiggle-Waggle" — Herbie Hancock — The Complete Warner Brother Recordings
12) "Jeep On 35" — John Scofield — A Go Go
13) "Tuija" — P.E. Hewitt Jazz Ensemble — Winter Winds
14) "If You Want Me To Stay" — Sly & The Family Stone — Fresh

I hope you like the music and if you have any questions or if you are curious about some of the music, feel free to hit me up!

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