Friday, September 9, 2011

Art Mixup!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a little behind-the-scenes moment with my art. Up late one summer night recently, I got thinking about how my projects tend to be very well defined. That is, something like a novelist or a band, I make large but discrete bodies of work; whether is it traveling with anime fans; walking around Santa Monica; or probing the weirdness of virtual worlds. But it made me curious to look at what connects all of my different works and projects. The themes, topics, obsessions, modes and even mistakes and assumptions that transcend the way I frame the works.

As a way to pry behind the scenes of my creative process, I built a Lightroom mashup that contains 18 images from each of my eight major bodies of work (except my writing) but sorted randomly so any piece of art can rub shoulders with any other piece.

I also turned one of these randomized presentations in to a video that I posted on Vimeo so I could let other people take a look at my work on a macro level. I'd love to get your feedback — anything no matter how small or epic — any idea or thought that comes to mind about my work; about how it's connected, how it's not connected, themes and topics I seem to return to, ideas that I don't seem to be interested in, historical connections, or any other random thoughts!

(Make sure to watch it on HD in full screen!)

Eron Rauch's Art Mixup from Eron Rauch on Vimeo.

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