Friday, July 29, 2011

The Eternal Garden

Hello loyal blog followers! (Just imagine my voice sounding like Henry Rollins for that moment.) I just wanted to give you a sneak preview of my project on Gothic Lolita / EGL called "The Eternal Garden." I'm going to publicly announce it tomorrow, but here are a couple images from it as well as the full artist's statement.

Shirt: Metamorphose, Pants: Innocent World, Shoes: Angelic Pretty,
Necklace: Vivienne Westwood. 

from The Eternal Garden
Arhival Inkjet Print

"Sewing Room"
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
from The Eternal Garden
Archival Inkjet Print

"Venice Beach"
Left: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, Right: Metamorphose

from The Eternal Garden
Arhival Inkjet Print 

Skirt and Parasol: Metamorphose, Jacket: Maxicimam, Bow: Angelic Pretty
from The Eternal Garden
Arhival Inkjet Print

 Japonisme is a term that refers both to an assortment of antique objects made in Western Europe which emulate Japanese goods as well as more broadly to Europe's obsession with Japanese art, culture and aesthetics after the Black Fleet forcibly reopened the country to Western trade during the nineteenth century. From the Impressionists, to the cultural elite, to the artisans the popular imagination of the time was obsessed with imagining the East as an exotic and sensual escape.

Today we have the virtual “Vocaloid” Japanese pop star Miku selling out shows Los Angeles and anime as a major player in the entertainment world across the globe while numerous magazines, academic journals and touring museum shows are dedicated to Japanese-pop-influenced art. So too there are legions of Hello Kitty fanatics, a sudden growing market for vintage avant guard Japanese photography books and the towering art phenomenon that is Takashi Murakami and his "Superflat" circle. We are experiencing a new Japonisme era.

Built out of rephotographed collages of anime advertisements, fan-created porn comics (hentai doujinshi), Japanese photo history and the lingering rich and troubled history of Japanese immigrants in Los Angeles, my work tries to delve past the slick, cute, glossy advertised surfaces to examine the orientalist legacy and erotic inspiration which bubbles under the surface of this new-millennium Japonisme

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