Thursday, April 7, 2011

Game of Thrones Food Truck Photos

Hello everyone — While you're waiting for me to unveil my secret new project, I got a chance to stop by the Game of Thrones food truck, and another chance to eat there when it parked down the street from my loft! Callie is a huge fan of the novels and it was fun to see Tom Colicchio's take on the food of that fantasy world. The seafood stew in WeHo was okay, but the duck skewers in downtown were epicly good. If you're an aspiring cook like myself, they even posted a recipe for the lemon cakes they are serving (which were really wonderful). Now if they were just able to serve nice rustic wine with the food...

As always, click the photo for the full version, and if you like these shots, drop by my website, to see more portfolios of my work!


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