Friday, March 11, 2011

Dallas Food!

I know this is a bit arbitrary but in the interim while I work on shooting the images for the tutorial on depth of field in photography that I'm working on, I figured I'd post up this list my friend Anna gave me in response to an inquiry by the amazing couple that runs Starry Kitchen in Los Angeles (one of the favorite restaurants out here). They are visiting Dallas and wanted to hear about any interesting food that was happening. So here's what Anna and her [evil?] contacts dug up:

Al Biernat's
Bob's Steak House
Screen Door
Desperado's on Greenville (Mexican)
Mia's on Lemmon (Mexican)
Dodie's (Cajun)
G&G (Mediterranean)
Hibiscus on Knox/Henderson (seafood/deliciousness) (also the place right next door has weird/interesting drinks, can't remember the name)
Adelmo's (Italian)
St. Martin's on Greenville (French)
The Grape on Greenville (there's a great place across the street from the Grape, can't remember the name...)
Tre Montana's in Preston Center (French)

If you find yourself in the area, check these out and let me know!

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