Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beer Review - Coronado Red Devil

I'm slaving away as you read trying to finish up the fabled "What Eron Actually Listens To Mix" (quite literally, I'm giving it the last run-through while I type this) but in the interim, I found this review in my notebook and I figured I'd share a review of a bit of a rare brew, the Red Devil Imperial Red Ale by Coronado Brewing Company.

Nose: Herbal, earthy hints of cherry and plenty of hoppy pine. Very red color. Hints of carmel sweetness. 

Drink: Big body (almost 10% ABV!). Rich but reasonably balanced for a beer this size. Plenty of maltiness, still a it herbal, still a bit earthy with touches of pastry dough, thyme and some sweet & sour notes (but not actually sour at all). Mostly backboned by the interplay of the rich cherry/carmel malt and the hops. Some dried fruit (Apricots? Dried pears? Golden Raisins?) without being a flavor bomb.

This beer would have a food-friendliness much like a Bordeaux. It's reserved and integrated even though it's an Imperial. Actually, I'd mostly say this is a beer to sip over a cheese plate, not something to slam at a backyard BBQ. The mouth-feel on this isn't really smooth on it's own. I'd bet this would age extremely well, and drink at it's best at around a year out. 

[Dun dun dun! Disc One review is almost done! MWAHAHAHAHA! You will need a couple of these beers to get through the two discs incoming!]

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