Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Mix CD! "The End of Winter 2011"

While we've seen snow here Los Angeles this weekend, the end of winter is nigh! I put together this mix CD to share the new music I've unearthed in these wet, cold months.

As always this CD follows my two rules:

1) It has to be music that is representative of what I'm actually listening too at the moment. As in, this is a snapshot of my current musical interests and obsessions.

2) That said, because I want to make a CD filled with tracks that people might like I've kept away from skronk-fest free jazz, epic-minimal funeral doom and straight blistering death metal, which actually makes up 50% or more of my listening at home (I've been listening to tons of Kaoru Abe, Esoteric and Behemoth — Who knows, the sadist in me might pop up I'll actually carry out my regular threats to make a second mix of what I'm actually listening too.) 

On with the show! Here's the link for the mix! 

There's a pdf with the track listing enclosed, but if you want to get your hipster hat on and start judging me by my musical tastes while the file downloads, here's the list:

("Song Title", Band Name, Album)

1) "Carry On, King of Carrion", Eagle Twin, The Unkindness of Crows
2) "Maya", Guizado, Punx (Doesn't seem to be for sale anywhere?!?)
3) "Starship Narrator", Boris with Michio Kurihara, Rainbow
4) "Une Matinee D'hiver", Les Discrets, Septembre Et Ses Dernieres Pensees
5) "Todo El Mundo Es Kitsch", Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog, Party Intellectuals
6) "Army of the Sun, Contemporary Noise Quintet", Pig Inside the Gentleman
7) "A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh", Celtic Frost, Monotheist
8) "Der bor en frist her inne", Northaunt, The Ominous Silence 
9) "Prophetic Sines", Bluetech, Prima Materia
10) "The Hound of Heaven", Hail, Permafrost (Not Available)
11) "Tired Climb", Kylesa, Spiral Shadow
12) "Flying Whales", Gojira, From Mars to Sirius
13) "Seven Whispers Fell Silent", Arsis, A Celebration of Guilt

So enjoy and feel free to share and certainly support the artists by picking up any albums you might like!

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