Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beer Review: Hair of the Dog Adam

To get your over the mid-week hump, here's a review of a beer that I have loved for a long time and was happy to recently taste again.

Hair of the Dog - Adam

Nose: Complex, dark, filled with walnut liquor, Worcestershire sauce, chocolate malt, and hints of dried cherry and raisin. 

Drink: Very long. Hot chocolate front with hints of sarsaparilla. A bit of hints of blended whiskey and sour plum on the middle. Wine like. Some powdery textures and carbonation up front. Good integration of malt and hops. Powerful, and a touch alcoholic, but that hot alcohol is well integrated in to the experience.

Finish: Like the nose, it ends with notes of alternating sweet and sour. 

Buy: I found it at Whole Foods, but many places with fine beer are stocking this these days. 

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