Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Portfolio Descriptions Updated!

With the editing help of my friend Eli, I recently updated my art web site with better descriptions of my major projects. If you want to check it out, go to:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Mix CD for the Shadows of Early Fall 2010

Hi! I finally finished up my somewhat odder than normal mix for the onset of Fall. A mix fit for the melancholy kiss of the fall warm winds and the lengthening shadows. My usual mix rules apply: all songs must represent what I have actually been listening to and grooving on, not some idealized version; and no "pure" songs from death metal, black metal, metalcore, hardcore, noise, free jazz or free improv. Let me know if there are any particular tracks you love and I'll happily post more about it!

Track Listing:

{Band - "Song Title" on Recording Name}

Warpaint - "Elephants" on Exquisite Corpse EP

Giant Squid - "Blue Linckia (Linckia Laevigata)" on The Ichthyologist

Broken Water - "Spore" on Whet

Thralldom - "Anticipation Of An Obituary" on A Shaman Steeing the Vessel Of Vastness

TYFT - "Pittles" - on Smell the Difference

The Angelic Process - "Weighing Souls With Sand" on Weighing Souls With Sand

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - "Erotic Love Queen" on Succubus

Ahab - "Old Thunder" on The Call of the Wretched Sea

Menace Ruine - "Sky as a Reversed Abyss" on Cult of Ruins

Boris - "Feedbacker pt. 3" on Feedbacker

The Ocean - "Ectasian" on Precambrian

Sleeping Peonies - "Dreamy Duskywings" on Rose Curl, Sea Swirl

Download it here!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Arshile Gorky at MoCA

A review of the Arshile Gorky retrospective at MoCA Grand Ave. in Los Angeles:

Memories, the legacy of forms, the biological essence of hand-work, a feeling of anxiety, obscuration and incompleteness, sexual formalism, Jungian daydreams of light, the everyday as alien, ritual & psychological mapping, the tense geography of paint, the latency of the psyche, draftsmanship and the annotation of art history, evocation of the resounding chime of the past, inner depths and archetypal ambiences, breathing, infusion and sublimation of art history, the noise of art history, nonsense groans, compositional space solutions, re-consideration of revelations, visual impressionist poetics, diagrammatical impulses, schematization of guilt, resonance fields of the emotional landscape, intent recombination of observation, precision choices of formal fields, My Blood Valentine, invented formal language, sex organs, the sun, holes, quick oscillations of the uncanny horrific and the uncanny effervescent, illumination and shadow, guilt and tradition, memory's growing veil, enacting the partially glimpsed, the intuited definitions of the hidden human, private color as controller, the harshness of the once-removed sexual being, progenitor-inspector.

(On view now until September 20th, 2010 at MoCA - 250 S. Grand Ave. Los Angeles CA.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs. Your Stereo Pt. 4

The final, if belated, post for those of you who's interest were piqued by the music scene depicted in Scott Pilgram!

  • Broken Water - "Whet" - (Fuzzy, arty rock and roll).

  • Dearhunter - "Microcastle" - (Dreamy, simple rock).

  • Warpaint - "Exquisite Corpse" - (Shimmering, percussive shoegaze - this band will be huge in a year or so!).

  • Ride - "Nowhere" (Massively influential shoegaze/rock band).

  • Party of Helicopters - "Please Believe It" (Poppy fun).

  • The Intelligence - "Deuteronomy" (Savy art-pop).

  • JR Ewing - "Ride Paranoia" (Stones-eqsue hard rock).

  • Alkaline Trio - "Goddammit" (Breakup-drinking-punk).

  • The Dirtbombs - "Ultraglide In Black" (Bass heavy, groovy blues rock).

  • Ride - "Nowhere" (Massively influential shoegaze/rock band).

So as always, feel free to hit me up for more recommendations. I'll have a new mix CD for the fall winds soon!