Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Little Weekend Listening

Hiya all! I was listening to some newer hardcore/post-hardcore bands this morning in the studio and after a few albums I was feeling rather blasé about the genre. As a comparison I grabbed my old warhorse album "We Are The Romans" by Botch and was instantly, and once again, dropped by it's unparalleled ferocity. From the recklessly explosive breakdown and subsequent all out manic return on the first track, it's clear why this remains one of the top albums in this genre of extreme music.

This is serious angry music with direction. Contorted, slithering guitars, relentless percussion, massive distortion and gut wrenching bass figures. And huge cathartic metal-core influenced breakdowns. This is not some whiner copying Bob Dylan going on about suburban ennui and how much they wish their life was like an 8-bit video game and how much they can't get their relationship right. This is music to smash something you thought you loved, and erect new art in it's ashes. This is music to sweat, dream of the suburbs burning and create. Perfect weekend music. Crank this one up to bug the neighbors. Taste it at:

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