Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Vs. Your Stereo Pt. 2

And here's the second post of four in response to Jenny's request for music that you might like if you liked the pseudo-indie from Scott Pilgrim!
  1. The Black Lips - "Let it Bloom" (Totally stripped down scuzzy 60's rock).
  2. The Ponies - "Laced With Romance" (Really stripped-down bar rock).
  3. Sonic Youth - "Rather Ripped" (One of their most accessible albums).
  4. Morella's Forest - "Ultraphonic Hiss" (Sugary but massive mid-90's shoegaze with tight pop songs.)
  5. Squirrel Bait - "Squirrel Bait" (Old-school proto-emo punk).
  6. The Icarus Line - "Penance Soiree" (Howling hard rock).
  7. Kill Hannah - "American Jet Set" (Gothy dancey rock from chicago).
  8. Liars - "Liars" (Jangly, dark and brilliant cutting edge indie rock).
  9. Stereolab - "Peng!" (Quiet/makeout music).
  10. Throwing Muses - "The Real Ramona" (Angular, strange).

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