Friday, June 11, 2010

A Musical Journey, NOW MUSICAL FREE!

My love of contemporary underground music is vast. From black metal to free jazz, from post-rock to noise, complex and invigorating music informs and inspires much of my art (as do novels… but that's a post for another day). Being summer, perhaps now is a great time to while away a few of those late evening wine-siping hours updating your music library and bring a fresh perspective on your world.

Today I particularly want to feature two well established bloggers with a diverse and vast taste in current music. If you want a peek into the vortex of the hugely creative music scene happening right now all around you, these two are sure to pique your interest and get you inspired!

The first, and the one whom I owe my current obsession with discovering the wildest areas in the blank spots on the map of the current musical arts is This blog is interesting because over the last two to three years his tastes have evolved from a more traditional indie rock vibe into the more atmospheric ends of metal and post-rock/post-punk. Also, he features some interesting art cross-overs and fantastic "best of the year" lists.

The newer, at least to my eyes, is On this blog there is a focus on neo-folk, space rock, stoner metal and other really strange experimental indie albums. Occasionally some older, but important albums in the musical underground make an appearance. Download links to the albums are featured here so you can listen to them in full before you buy.

I know it's popular to make quick shuffles in or, but by no means can beat the trained sensibility and deep connections an experienced music reviewer can provide. The ability to explain why you might like an album that isn't like any album you've heard before. To provide insights and clues on what the music might be doing and how it might situate itself in it's art. They are both really accessible and entertaining so give 'em a read!

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